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This book reveals a very interesting and insightful glimpse into the struggles that some women face in their lives, especially across the Arab world. The story of Allura’s life has many twists and turns and it was a pleasure joining her on own personal journey of inner strength, overcoming serious hardships and developing into the strong, confident woman that she becomes. A thoroughly thrilling read.

Fiona Grehan – Ireland


Hello Dina. I am happy to be posting this, and would like to highlight that I’m a great admirer of your work, and heard that you’re working on your second novel. Please let us know where it can be accessed and when it will be published. Keep up your amazing passion and heartwarming energy in your work.

Mila Lorenz, Freiburg – Germany



Thank you for writing this amazing book. I usually don’t have time or energy to read, but once I started your book I couldn’t put it down. Although I only lived in Egypt for a few years, I could relate to many parts of Allura’s journey, and I’m sure a lot of women in the Middle East can. I actually have family and friends who experienced many other Allura’s struggles. It’s based on true events.. and that’s what intrigued me to read it .

After I finished, I felt Allura’s strength inspired me to become a better woman.

I recommend this book, not only for women, but for men too. I’m sure men can learn from this it as much as women can. I truly Loved it !

My favorite quote in the book “Time is like a river you cannot touch the same water twice because the flow that has passed will never pass again”….. It’s a must read!

Thank you Dina

Nana Ghazzi,
London, United Kingdom


An interesting perspective to how things flow in the Middle East. It was dramatic to start reading the first few pages of the novel, but got more intriguing later on. I liked it. Good job Dina.

Mark Reed.
Cali, US.


Allura is a strong person. I loved her personality, and am happy to hear that the book is inspired by true events. It is women such as Allura that make us other women feel inner strength.

Hania Mustafa.
Cairo, Egypt


A fascinating novel that brings meaning to many un-answered questions. I for one, visited parts of the Middle East, and noticed how inferior some women are to men. Whether it’s in pay scale, or familiar obligations, or marriage rights. It’s great to see a book that voices some of the concerns women out there have.

Charlotte Harper.
New Zealand


When you say inspired by true events, do you mean to say that Allura actually exists? I’d love to hear more about that woman. Where is she now and how is her life going? It’s funny, you make me want to meet her after reading this novel.

Rida Zaid.


A fascinating book, it opened a window on Middle East culture and Middle Eastern women in particular. Simple and yet deep in Meaning.

Eva A


I was impressed with the simplicity and style of writing. I would be more interested to know what will happen to Allura on a further stage. Are you planning to release a part two for the novel? Also have you considered turning this into a movie? It will definitely catch the attention of the mass public. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Nathasha Bailes
Indiana, US


I read the book. It’s very interesting, although I have to say that it only represents a small segment
of Egyptian society. “The Elite” J This is a great start.
“The road to success is always under construction.” Wish you best of luck.

Maha Abul-Hassan


Having a middle eastern background I found “The Trials of Allura” a very interesting book that touches on the challenges women come across in everday life in this part of the world. A must read.



The Trials of Allura is unique in its simplicity yet it focuses on the complexity of human relationships in a world women should fight for their rights. Very enjoyable to read!

George Awad


Hi my dear,
I bought your book tonight and finished it in one sitting! I was engrossed from the beginning to the end! Mabrook! Wonderful debut novel. You are very talented thank you so much for a great story. You are a gifted story teller:)

Thanks so much!

Jo xx
Louise Joanne Mcmillan


OMG! What an amazing story.  I really loved it.  Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down.  Well done, really, well done.

What a great story.

Yasser El Shammaa


I went to choueifat in Abu Dhabi back in the 80s – my name was Kay Clarke and I’m from Canada lol Anyway, I just finished your book and wanted to congratulate you on a job well done It brought back some good memories from that time as you recalled Abu Dhabi in the first few chapters! I have a book coming out as well in a few weeks and incidentally it also includes some memories from back then Just wanted to say I enjoyed the book and wish you many future successes !!!


This book is awesome! A pleasant and very interesting writing style , it approaches the life of a middle eastern girl in all aspects and the difference obstacles that face her due to the multicultural and environmental change.. i would highly recommend it.
By Malek shabbanaon


I was shocked to read that women out there have to take on so much. That’s not acceptable. I thoroughly enjoyed your book, thanks for bringing us some truth about the other side of the world, it helped bring in a completely different perspective to things. Do you have any other novels out? I’d be interested to read some of your other work.
Ava Perry, US.


The Trials of Allura
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