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Have you recently spoken to an elderly person about a problem or a challenge you may be facing at the moment?
Rest assured, their advice will change your perspective on things.
I’m at a point in my life where I genuinely love listening and talking to elderly people, and wish the stereotype of them losing their mental edge could disappear.
As my old man always says – Why dwell? Can you change what happened? Can you bring back what’s lost?
In short, if you’re able to breathe each day, learn to trust what life offers you and be patient, for a challenging situation does not last forever.

What’s the world coming to? What’s happening to people? Have we forgotten how limited our time is on this planet?
I’ve noticed that more and more people are displaying signs of excessive resentment and violence, and to be honest it’s becoming absurd, tiring, irrational and uncalled for.
It’s normal these days to hear about people unnecessarily judging or criticizing each other, lashing out in anger or even in extreme cases, committing murder due to a misunderstanding or temporary rage.
Here’s a shout out to people who have abused a partner before or attempted to hurt another person either psychologically, physically or mentally: “You are extremely weak and tactless, and set a horrific example to children who depend on us adults to set a good example to them. Please seek anger management assistance, otherwise, if you chose to remain this despicable and livid, simply keep away from the rest of us who want nothing but peace and quiet.”
I pray the world becomes a more serene place to live in and that people start to think before they act.

We are all more similar than we think we are, regardless of where we live in this weird, challenging, yet enticing world.
Our problems are similar, but what differs is our ability to size them properly and our attitude towards dire times.
What we keep forgetting is how innocent, cuddable, loving, warm and passionate we all once were. We go back to that, we’ll go back to proper civilization and communication.

A woman’s presence exceeds her, but its up to her whether a lasting vision of who she’s always wanted to be prevails.
Don’t be shy to express your inner feminism, and don’t feel awkward if that feminism draws you into her.
Yes .. women have outsmarted some men, but it’s a man who breaths new meaning and drive into her life.

A successful person is a person who thrives to witness success amongst others, shares knowledge and experience openly, and is genuinely happy that success surrounds people who thrive to achieve what their most passionate about.

Always remember where you were just a few years ago, so that you can appreciate who you are today.

Start with short sentences and let your heart take the lead from there …

No consistency, no success.

Your legacy is why you owe it to the world to work hard and with passion.

Spread the passion, it’s contagious

Keep your head up high, and keep repeating: “I am beautiful, I am in control of my own life and I will start off my day with hope, forgiveness and love.” Above all make effort to smile at others, it’s a mood changer and will be rewarding at the end.
Much love and a blessed day.

Regardless of where you are in the world, here’s a heart-to-heart message for you: We are all more similar than different, and we all go through a baggage of ups and downs in life. Your strength and resilience are what count. Remember: We are born pure, innocent, loving people, but life transforms us for different, at times, irrational, reasons. Go back to your roots, and think of how civil and kind our ancestors were during their days, and life will suddenly make sense again. No one has it easy, and no one but yourself can turn a lesson learnt into an absolute vibrant and forward-looking opportunity.
Blessings and much love your way,

Success is not just about hard work and talent, it’s also about character and manners. I personally took up a habit that’s actually working! Before I get worked up about something that upsets me, I roll my tongue ten times!
Try to stay calm, no matter how hard life gets. :
Blessings and a lovely day to all.

The Trials of Allura
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