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Dina El Shammaa is an author inspired by innocence, simplicity and beauty. Her extensive writing background helps her uncover unexpected daily occurrences that affect the lives of millions of women in the region and beyond.

Born in Finchley, London, UK, Dina moved with her parents to Abu Dhabi, UAE, when she was five years old. Now a mother of two, Dina still lives and works in Abu Dhabi, which she considers “a home away from home”.

A well-travelled writer, Dina credits each visit with enriching her life and widening the perceptions of the world around her. The exposure to each country’s unique culture and interactions with different people provided her with an array of experiences that she constantly draws on to add rich layers to her writing.

Dina has many years of journalism experience under her belt, penning articles for various reputable English daily newspapers. Though she had always wanted to write a novel, Dina chose to delay writing and publishing until she had gained enough life experience. This allowed her to bring a nuanced perspective while staying true to herself: “My first attempt to write a fiction novel was ten years ago. Just before I was about to type a word on the 100th page, I decided to keep things on hold. Something just didn’t feel right. I wanted to be true to my readers, and to myself. After ten years of ups and downs, new learnings, new inspirations, and the birth of my two beautiful children, the idea came back to mind. I suddenly felt an enormous amount of energy and motivation to get started, and before I knew it, my fingers took complete control of my emotions, as if I was playing an artistic piece on the piano. The words came out naturally, the feelings were real and the overall experience was true. I’m glad I felt that way, because it only meant that I was being true to my readers.”

The author currently works as an English Editor and helps spread her passion for writing through supporting and guiding pupils as young as four and five years old to express themselves through art and writing: “The ability to translate feelings and emotions into writing is not only important to a child’s academic and professional development in life, but is also a form of therapy.  I personally consider any form of art a healing process.”

While many of the events in “The Trials of Allura” could be considered intense and shocking, there’s an enormous amount of fidelity and hope to the novel. “I truly hope readers read between the lines and realize that we are more similar than different, regardless of where it is we live, or what our beliefs are.”


The Trials of Allura
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